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Conditions of Use

1) Federal and State laws require that purchasers of alcoholic beverages be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. Alcoholic beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons who are at least twenty (21) years or older. Alcoholic beverages should always be consumed responsibly, and in accordance with all local laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the purchaser.

2) By processing any alcoholic orders through this web site, the User is confirming that he/she is at least twenty-one (21) years or older.

3) User agrees to provide valid photo identification at the time of delivery. Valid forms of identification include a valid driver's license or non-driver identification card issued by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, the Federal Government, a State Government, Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States or a Provincial Government of Canada; or a valid U.S. passport, or valid passport of any other country; or a valid military ID from the U.S. (NYS, ABC Law Section 65-b.2(b))

4) Delivery and sale of alcoholic beverages will be made by Papa Da Vinci, LLC.

5) This web portal is supplied to Papa Da Vinci, LLC. by Digital Pittsburgh, LLC. In processing any alcoholic beverage order(s), neither Digital Pittsburgh, LLC nor any officer, director, employee, shareholder or agent of Digital Pittsburgh, LLC shall be liable to the User or any third-party relating to the purchase, sale, delivery and/or consumption of the alcoholic beverage or any consequences which flow therefrom.

6) User shall indemnify and hold harmless Digital Pittsburgh, LLC and its officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents ("Indemnified Parties"), from and against, for and in respect of, any and all claims, demands, losses, costs and expenses (including the cost of any investigation and reasonable attorneys' fees), damages, obligations, deficiencies, and liabilities, which arise or result from or are related to (a) the processing of the alcoholic beverage order; (b) the purchase of the alcoholic beverage(s); (c) the delivery of the alcoholic beverage(s); and, (d) consumption of the alcoholic beverage(s), and/or any consequences which flow therefrom.

7) The name on the credit card which the payment is made must match the name on the ID shown during the time of delivery for delivery to be made. If there is a mismatch the driver will bring the order back to our store and your card will be credited for the sale price of the product. Delivery fees are non-refundable.

8) Please inspect your package during the time of delivery. Once the delivery is accepted there are no returns to be allowed.

9) By purchasing alcoholic beverages through this web portal, you accept these terms and conditions and you also confirm that you are at least 21 years of age and agree to provide valid photo identification at time of delivery.